11 de Agosto de 2017 -

Healthy life - sports and exercise 6

por Jose Miguel

Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora workout exercises (ejercicios de gimnasio). I'm not an expert (no soy especialista). It's essential to have a professional with you (es importante tener un profisional contigo). Grazi is my coach (ella es mi entrenadora). She's my personal coach (ella es mi entrenadora profisional). Personal trainer (entrenador personal). Have a professional instruction before you work out (orientate con un profesional antes de entrenar). Let's get to action (vamos a la acción). Traps (trapecios). Shoulders (ombros). Chest (pecho). At least 12 reps (por lo menos 12 repeticiones). Stretch (estirar). Shoulder press (presionar el ombro). Chest press (presionar el pecho). When you stretch you breathe out (cuando estiras respiras). Breath in (aspirar). Breathe out (espirar). Too heavy (muy pesado). Abs (abdominales). Take your cellphone out of your pocket (saca tu telefono del bolsillo). Pull up for trapezius (levantamiento para trapecio). Shoulder press (presionar el ombro). Chest press (presionar el pecho). Abs (abdominales). The standard is at least 10 repetitions and 3 sets (la norma es al menos 10 repeticiones y 3 series). 3 sets (3 series). Practice exercise (pratiqa ejercícios). It makes you feel tired and sweating but it's healthy (te hace sentir cansado y sudando pero es saludable). Legs (piernas). Quads, glutes and stuff (quadríceps, glúteos y todo). See you next class!

1. Dib says it's important to have a ___ when you ___ weight training.

2. I need to ___. I can't bend my legs very well.

3. I'll ___ weight training this week. Last week I ___ soccer with my friends.

4. This is too ___. I can't lift it.

5. Felipe suggests you to do at least 3 ___ of 10 ___.

6. I can carry this load easily. It's ___.

7. Pechos y ombros = ___.

8. I want to be in good ___. I'm going to the beach next month!

9. The muscle next to your neck is your ___.

10. After you finish these questions just ___ the button to check your answers.