09 de Agosto de 2017 -

Healthy life - sports and exercise 5

por Jose Miguel

Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora  body parts (partes del cuerpo). Muscles (músculos). I tried to convince a model so then I could show you the muscles but I couldn't convince anyone (traté de convencer a un modelo para que pudiera mostrarte los músculos pero no pude convencer a nadie). I'm not muscular (no soy musculoso). Tongue (lengua). Muscles (músculos). Neck (cuello). Shoulders (ombros). Triceps (tríceps). Biceps (bíceps). Forearm (antebrazo). Chest or Pecs (pecho o pectorales). Hips (caderas). Abs (abdominales). Back (espaldas). Lats (dorsal). Middle back (media espalda). Lower back (espalda baja). Glutes (glúteos). Quads (quadriceps). Hamstrings (parte trasera de la pierna). Calf (pantorrilla). Calves (pantorrillas). Muscles (músculos). Traps (trapecio). Shoulders (ombros). Triceps (tríceps). Biceps (bíceps). Forearm (antebrazo). Abs (abdominales). Pecs (pectorales). Hip (cadera). Quads (quadríceps - parte delantera de la pierna). Hamstrings (parte trasera de la pierna). Glutes (glúteos). Calf (pantorrilla). What part of your body do you work out most? (qual parte do seu corpo você trabalha mais). Comment here (comente aqui). See you next class!

1. Lengua y dientes = ___.

2. Cuello y ombros = ___.

3. I'm not ___, but I'm ___ weight training now! I'll be ___ soon, my friend!

4. My belly is very big now! I'm fat and I can't see my ___.

5. Pecho y antebrazo = ___.

6. I need to improve my walk. That's why I'm working my ___.

7. My arms are ___. I'll focus on my ___ now.

8. His ___ are visible! He's very muscular!

9. I'll start running this week. That's why I'm doing ___ exercises.

10. I'll strengthen my ___. I think it'll improve my balance.