09 de Agosto de 2017 -

Healthy life - sports and exercise 4

por Jose Miguel

Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora body parts (partes del cuerpo). Fingers (dedos). Thumb (pulgar). Wrist (muñeca). Forearm (antebrazo). Elbow (codo). Arm (brazo). Shoulders (ombros). Neck (cuello). Ears (orejas). Face (rostro/cara). Cheeks (mejillas). Mouth (boca). Teeth (dientes). Lips (labios). Nose (nariz). Eyes (ojos). Hair (cabello). Chest (pecho). Hip (cadera). Leg (pierna). Knee (rodilla). Scar (cicatriz). Feet (pie). One foot. (un pie). Two feet. (dos pies). Ankle (tobillo). Body parts (partes del cuerpo). What's the part of your body that you use most? (¿cuál parte de cuerpo usas más?). Comment here (comenta aquí). See you next class!

1. Now my ___ are fine and I can see everything!

2. His ___ are strong. He's a karate fighter.

3. I always lay my ___ on the table. And my mom always says it's bad manners!

4. We hold ___ when we walk together. I enjoy it.

5. I hurt my ___ and now I can't move my ___.

6. She's always sniffing things. She almost touches her ___ to smell things.

7. I hurt my right ___. That's why I'm not ___ weight training.

8. Felipe has a ___ on his left ___ because he had an accident.

9. My ___ is not OK. I'm not even wearing a watch these days.

10. Mom says we can't talk with our ___ full. What's your opinion about it?