13 de Agosto de 2017 -

Traveling - at a hotel 1

por Jose Miguel

Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora check in.  Smile (sonríe). Good afternoon (buenas tardes). Good evening (buenas noches). Good morning (buen día). Could I have your passport, please? (me puedes dar tu pasaporte, por favor?). Passport (pasaporte). Is this your first time here? (¿es esta su primera vez aquí?). Could I have your telephone number, please? (¿podrías darme tu número de teléfono, por favor?). A quiet room, please (una habitación tranquila, por favor). Would you like to have the front/back view? (te gustaría de tener la vista de frente/atrás?). A quiet room (una habitación tranquila). You need to sleep well (necesitas dormir bien). Comment this class (comenta esta clase). See you next class!


1. Dib recommends you to ___ to the attendant.

2. After you smile you must say ___ or "hello" to the attendant.

3. You must take your ___ when you ___.

4. The attendant will make ___ about your ___.

5. Dib recommends you to ask for a ___.

6. Dib says you need to ___.

7. We can't be ___ with the attendant. With no one, ___ said.

8. We should always say "___" when we ask for something.

9. Wow! This room has a great ___! We can see the ocean from here!

10. Dib always tells you to ___ of your ___.