07 de Abril de 2018 -

Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison (best of 60's)

por Scarlett

Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora the best songs of the 60's (las mejores músicas de los años 60). Another one from the 60's (otra de los años 60). Roy Orbison sang this Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison canto esta Mujer Bonita). Remember: sing along (recuerda: canta junto). Listen to your voice speaking English, singing in English (escuha tu voz hablando, cantando en inglés). Pretty woman, walking down the street (mujer bonita, caminando por la calle). Pretty ___ the kind I like to meet (bonita ___ el tipo que me gusta conocer). Pretty woman I don't ___ you, you're not the truth (mujer bonita yo no ___ tú, tú no eres la verdad). No one could look as good as you (nadie puede verse tan bien como tú). ___ woman won't you pardon me (___ mujer no me vas a perdonar). Pretty woman I couldn't help but ___ (mujer bonita no pude evitar ___). Pretty woman that you look lovely as ___ be (mujer bonita que te ves adorable como ___ ser). Are you lonely just like ___ (eres sola así como ___). Pretty woman ___ awhile (mujer bonita ___ por un tiempo). Pretty woman talk ___ (mujer bonita habla ___). Pretty woman give your smile to me (mujer bonita da tu sonrisa para mi). Pretty woman yeah, ___, yeah (mujer bonita). Pretty woman look my way (mujer bonita ve mi camino). Pretty woman ___ you'll ___ with me (mujer bonita ___ vas a ___ conmigo). 'Cause I ___ you, I'll treat you right (porque yo ___ tú, te trataré bien). Come with me ___, be mine tonight (ven conmigo ___, sé mía esta noche). Pretty woman don't ___ on by (mujer bonita no ___ ). Pretty woman don't make me ___ (mujer bonita no me hagas ___). Pretty woman don't walk away, hey, OK (mujer bonita no te vayas caminando, OK). If that's the way it ___ be, OK (si así es como debe ser, ok.). Pretty woman (mujer bonita). Now, please (ahora, por favor). Listen to this song 2 more times (escucha esta música 2 veces más). Second time you write down everything you see here on the screen (la segunda vez escribe todo lo que vez aquí en la pantalla). Write, copy on your notebook (escribe, copia en tu caderno). Third time, sing along (la tercera vez, canta junto). I want to see you speaking and singing in English (quiero verte hablando y cantando conmigo). Share this video with your friends (comparte este video con tus amigos). Comment here (comenta aquí). Which song do you want us to play? (¿cuál música quieres que cantemos?). See you next class!

1. Felipe is sat in front of the ___. The roof of the house is ___.

2. Dib's ___ are ___ and his ___ are ___.

3. The writer says he can't ___ that ___ woman.

4. The writer says the woman is ___.

5. The writer says he ___ the woman and that's why he'll ___ right.

6. There's a ___ name on Dib's guitar.

7. Dib asks you to watch the videos ___.

8. Next song will talk about a ___.

9. The ___ of this house is painted ___.

10. The ___ of this house is made of ___.