07 de Enero de 2020 -

The secret weapon!

por Paula

Hello, my friend! How are you? If you're out of time or "in a rush", go to the last paragraph of this text for a fast answer.

In times of immediate responses and connection 24 hours a day, talking about long-term transformation is a risk! But… we believe you can (and must!) dream big, and make a daily effort to get better every day. This is our mission - seeing you speaking English and being a Leader wherever you go. "The 5 Essential People Skills" was written by Dale Carnegie and its goal is to improve your people skills. In other words, to improve your relationships at work and at home.

Dale Carnegie says "praise is the secret weapon" and we must understand what he means with it. "When delivered wisely and subtly - insightfully, specifically, and empathetically - praise can do wonders". Yes, there's a difference between a praise and a "lip service", as the author writes. How do we praise, then?

1- Give specific compliments: what makes people nervous? Comfort them regarding that.

2- Time your praise: do it immediately after someone does something they deserve praise for.

3- Keep praise professional: limit your compliments to work-related achievements. Take care...

4- Praise your boss carefully: praise him/her to others and soon he/she will know about it.

5- Compliments should be valuable: balance the amount of compliments so they don't lose value.

Develop a reputation for tactful honesty, my friend. Recognize people's achievements, be a source of comfort and be specific when you encourage people. They'll enjoy having you around. When you last praised someone? Comment here and see you next class!

1. ___ is the secret weapon.

2. Dale says that when praise is delivered ___ it can do wonders.

3. The article says we must praise people ___ their positive attitude.

4. Praise your boss ___ so he can know about it by ___ mouth.

5. If you compliment ___, your words become ___.

6. ___ resources are more ___.

7. If you're a ___ source of information, your compliments go ___.

8. Dib tells you to ___ when you ___ people ___.

9. Dib says people are ___.

10. Next class we'll talk about ___.