21 de Noviembre de 2019 -

How do I reach my goals faster?

por Paula

Hello, my friend! How are you? If you're out of time or "in a rush", go to the last paragraph of this text for a fast answer.

In times of immediate responses and connection 24 hours a day, talking about long-term transformation is a risk! But… we believe you can (and must!) dream big, and make a daily effort to get better every day. This is our mission - seeing you speaking English and being a Leader wherever you go. "The 5 Essential People Skills" was written by Dale Carnegie and its goal is to improve your people skills. In other words, to improve your relationships at work and at home.

What will you do to make sure you reach your goals? "They should be written not just as informal notes to yourself but as a carefully organized plan of action". Dale Carnegie presents 4 topics to make your goal setting more productive:

1- Align your goals with your values. "Make sure it's something you want and remember that they must be consistent with your values".

2- State your goals in the positive. Part of the reason for writing down your goals is to create a set of instructions for our subconscious mind to carry out, and it cannot make the distinction between right and wrong. "The more positive instructions you give it, the more positive results you will get".

3- Write detailed goals. "The more information you give it, the clearer the final outcome becomes". The writer says that if you can actually see the goal you want to achieve when you close your eyes, your heart and your soul can "see" it too.

4- Gain victory over the imaginary observer. "For the vast majority of people, there's an imaginary person looking over their shoulders". This ghost is always doubting and it's time to say bye to it!

After writing your goals, break them into small achievements. Don't hear the naysayers. What do you need to do today to get closer to your goals? Comment here and see you next class!

1. Your goals should be ___.

2. Align your goals with your ___ and state them in the ___.

3. Instead of saying "___" just say "___".

4. ___ your dreams so you become ___ with what you want for yourself.

5. Dib tells you to say "___" to this ___ that says you ___.

6. Next class we'll talk about ___.

7. The article says we must write ___ so we have a ___ outcome to be reached.

8. Your subconscious can't make the distinction between ___, the article says.

9. If you can see your goals when you ___, your ___ can see it, too.

10. For ___ people there's always this ___ saying they ___.