23 de Noviembre de 2017 -

At the supermarket 7

por Scarlett

Clase de inglés tú aprendes ahora on the street at a supermarket (en la calle en un supermercado). Personal hygiene (higiene personal). Babies (bebés). Diapers (pañales). There's a proverb that says (hay un proverbio que dice). "Babies and politicians must be changed regularly and for the same reason" (bebés y políticos deben ser cambiados regularmente y por el mismo motivo). Politicians and babies ___ (políticos y bebés ___). Shaving cream (crema de afeitar). Razor (máquina de afeitar). After shave cream (crema para después de afeitar). Roll-on deodorants (desodorantes de roll-on). Spray deodorants (desodorantes en spray). A lot of kinds of deodorants (muchos tipos de desodorantes). These baby shampoos protect their eyes (estos shampoos de bebé protegen sus ojos). Their eyes don't get itchy if the shampoo gets inside their eyes (sus ojos no se quedan ardiendo si el shampoo entra en sus ojos). What else? (que más?). Soap (jabón). Toothpaste (pasta de diente). Toothbrush (cepillo de diente). Soap, conditioner (jabón, acondicionador). body lotion (crema corporal). Dental floss (hilo dental). Toothbrush (cepillo de diente). Brush (cepillo). Teeth (dientes). Toothbrush (cepillo de diente). How do you call this one? (¿cómo se llama esto de aqui?). How do we call this in English? (¿cómo llamas esto en inglés?). Comment here about this vocabulary (comente aquí sobre este vocabulario). Soap (jabón). Shampoo. Conditioner (acondicionador). Razor (máquina de afeitar). Body lotion (crema corporal). Dental floss (hilo dental). Toothpaste (pasta de diente). Toothbrush (cepillo de diente). Toilet paper (papel higiénico). Comment here (comenta aquí). Invent examples (inventa ejemplos). See you next class!

1. Dib says politicians must be ___.

2. We can't have ___ here. I'll ___ tonight.

3. Babies wear ___ before learning how to go to the ___.

4. This ___ is not good. I can't ___ with it.

5. I ___ bad if I don't have a ___.

6. My ___ is itchy if I don't take the ___ out of my body.

7. My ___ is dirty. I'll get my ___ and ___ to brush ___.

8. I ate beef and now there's some meat stuck on my ___. Can you give me a ___, please?

9. Last week I was at a ___ and I had to go to the toilet to do "number 2". After finishing it, there was no ___! I was ___!

10. I think women are more ___ than men. They're always wearing a ___ to protect their ___.