22 de Febrero de 2019 -

A good vision is enough?

por Vitor Ferreira

Hello, my friend! How are you? If you're out of time or "in a rush", go to the last paragraph of this text for a fast answer.

In times of immediate responses and connection 24 hours a day, talking about long-term transformation is a risk! But… at Você Aprende Agora we believe you can (and must!) dream big, and make a daily effort to get better every day. This is our mission - seeing you speaking English and being a Leader wherever you go. "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" was written by John Maxwell in 1998, and its goal is to improve your skills as a Leader.

Last classes we talked about the first 13 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

1- Law of the Lid;

2- Law of Influence;

3- Law of Process;

4- Law of Navigation;

5- Law of Addition;

6- Law of Solid Ground;

7- Law of Respect;

8- Law of Intuition;

9- Law of Magnetism;

10- Law of Connection;

11- Law of Inner Circle;

12- Law of Empowerment;

13- The Law of the Picture.

Let's study the fourteenth law of leadership now: the Law of Buy-in, which shows the importance of your credibility. Maxwell says that "every message that people receive is filtered through the messenger, and no matter how good your vision is, if people don't trust you, they don't buy into it.

On the last page of this chapter, the author explains ways to earn credibility:

1- By developing a good relationship;

2- By being honest and authentic;

3- By setting a good example;

4- By offering tools to improve people's jobs;

5- By helping people to achieve their goals;

6- By developing people as leaders.

A good vision doesn't take you so far, if people don't trust you. We've seen the importance of teamwork (last class we studied the Law of Empowerment) and if your people don't buy into you, they will not help you execute your vision. Your vision + your credibility is what you need to fly high, my friend. Take a look again at the list above and comment here: what's the most important point, in your opinion? See you next class!

1. Maxwell says people buy into the ___ first, then into the ___. It shows the importance of ___.

2. The leader finds the ___ first, while the people find the ___ first.

3. The vision is meaningless if the leader hasn't built ___.

4. This class shows ___ influence more than ___.

5. Be ___ to build credibility.

6. You ___ people's credibility by helping them ___.

7. In the article Dib writes that a good vision ___ people don't ___ you.

8. In the article we learn that credibility is built when we ___.

9. Dib asks you to comment here about a situation when the ___ was great but the leader wasn't ___.

10. The last 2 laws taught us to ___. Next class we'll talk about ___.